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Planning and Code employees at work

Public Works - Building and Code Enforcement

What we do:

The Code Enforcement Office is primarily responsible for the issuance of permits and the enforcement of State and local building codes, Town policy, Temporary Activities, New York State Fire Prevention Code, Energy Code as well as various local municipal codes and ordinances.

The Department is responsible for conducting inspections where permits have been issued, issuing certificates of occupancy and certificates of compliance associated with but not limited to new building construction, building additions or alterations, decks, pools, and signs. Code enforcement staff also act as liaisons to the Town's Design Review and Historic Preservation Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals.


I want to find more information about my property. Who should I contact?

For information on structures (homes, pools, sheds, commercial buildings), questions should be directed to the Code Enforcement Department at (585) 248-6265.

Where do I obtain a Building Permit?

Building permits may be obtained from the Building Department and are required for various types of structures. A building permit application is available in the Department of Public Works at Town Hall, or can be downloaded HERE. Pittsford Town Hall, 11 South Main Street, Pittsford, NY 14534.

What does it cover?

Including but not limited to building construction, additions, alterations or demolition (other than ordinary repairs), swimming pools, signs, storage sheds, decks, basement finish and generators.

What do I need to bring?

Applications for building permits must be accompanied by the appropriate types of information required by the Building Department and may require submission of duplicate copies of plans and specifications, including plot plan drawn to scale. State and local standards and technical specifications apply to any building construction work done within the Town of Pittsford. For more information, call (585) 248-6265.

What are the fencing regulations in Pittsford?

No fence or hedge more than three feet in height shall be erected or be maintained in front of the front setback line. No fence behind the front setback line shall exceed six feet in height. All fences shall be constructed so that the finished side faces outward from the premises with the backers and/or supports facing inward toward the property owner's side of the premises. For more information, call (585) 248-6265.

I want to install a fire alarm, what do I need to do?

A permit is required for all residential and business fire alarm systems. All information is kept strictly confidential. Click the link to obtain a Fire Alarm Permit Form or contact the Fire Marshal's office at (585) 248-6265 to request one.

I have old chemical containers – how can I safely dispose of them?

Monroe County has a hazardous waste collection facility and home owners can contact them at (585) 753-7600 to make arrangements for disposal of the following items: adhesives, aerosols, ammonia, antifreeze, batteries, bleach, boric acid, bowl cleaners, brake cleaners, brake fluid, brush cleaners, cements, charcoal lighters, cleaning fluid, degreasers, disinfectants drain cleaners, drain openers, dry gas, epoxies, ethers, glues, hair dyes, hair removers, iodine, lacquers, (used) motor oil, muriatic acid, nail polish, nail polish removers, oil based paints, oven cleaners, paint removers, paint thinners, permanent wave solutions, photo chemicals, rubbing alcohol, rust removers, solvents, spot removers, turpentine, wood polishes, and wood preservatives. For more information, visit Monroe County's Household Hazardous Waste webpage by clicking HERE.

Our neighbor has old cars next to a barn, is that legal?

The outdoor storage of junk, abandoned or non-operable motor vehicles, or the used parts of vehicles, is prohibited. A vehicle is considered to be a junk vehicle by the Town of Pittsford if it is not validly registered and lacks a current inspection sticker. The owner will be served written notice to remove said vehicle from the premises on which it is located within ten days of the notification. For more information, call (585) 248-6265.

Are there restrictions on junk and outdoor maintenance?

Property owners should keep their premises free of all litter, physical hazards, rodent harborage and infestation, stagnant ponds of water due to improper drainage and other unsafe, unclean or unsightly conditions. Any discarded refrigerators stored in a place accessible to children must have any locking devices and all doors completely removed. Brush, grass and weeds should be cut, trimmed and removed. These property maintenance requirements apply to residential, commercial and industrial properties alike. For more information, call (585) 248-6265.

I want to put a sign on my building, what do I need?

A permit must be obtained from the Building Inspector before any sign, temporary or permanent, may be erected, altered, moved, or changed. Excluded from the permit requirements are traffic control, governmental and street name signs. An application for a sign permit must be accompanied by a scale drawing showing dimensions, proposed design, the legend, colors, materials, structural details, and a location or plot plan specifying other required information.

Are there restrictions on size?

Height and size restrictions apply, and all signs must be maintained in good repair, free from all hazards, such as faulty wiring and loose fastenings, with neatly maintained display surfaces. For more information, call (585) 248-6265.

Do I need to register in the town to contract to citizens?

Firms or corporations conducting the business of plumbing within the town are required to obtain an annual plumbing license from the Code Enforcement Department prior to conducting such business. State and local regulations apply to all plumbing work, as well as installation, alteration or repair of wiring for electrical lights, heat or power and signal systems operating fifty (50) volts or more, in or on any real property within the town.

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Paul Schenkel


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Doug DeRue

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