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Planning and Code employees at work

Public Works - Planning, Zoning and Development

What we do:

The Planning, Zoning, and Development Department serves a number of critical functions within the Town of Pittsford related to the coordination, management and processing the various forms of development and land use proposals within the Town. This includes but is not limited to residential subdivisions, non-residential site plans for commercial, light industrial, and office uses as well as Special Permits for uses such as restaurants, colleges, and churches.

Staff members work closely with the wide variety of entities involved or concerned with the development approval process including: Town Board, applicants and their various professional representatives, the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Design Review and Historic Preservation Board, and the Environmental Board, as well as the various Town departments, governmental agencies and of course the general public. The Department is also responsible for the management of financial guarantees and site inspections associated with the implementation of approved development plans in order to ensure compliance with all applicable legal requirements.


How do I research local codes and ordinances that might affect or restrict me and how I use or develop my property?

Utilize our online Town Code application and Zoning Map for Town Zoning Ordinance information. Specific questions should be directed to the Planning, Zoning, and Development Department at (585) 248-6250.

What type of development is occurring or planned for within our community?

The Town of Pittsford's website has a link to "Project Updates" that consists of information regarding current development proposals that are being considered by the Planning and Zoning Boards.

How do I find out about County, State and Federal Laws or Environmental Regulations that might affect how I use my property?

Because this type of information can come from several governmental sources, residents are encouraged to call the Planning, Zoning, and Development Department at (585) 248-6250 for information on specific properties. General information can be obtained from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Monroe County, State of New York, and the Town of Pittsford web sites.

I have a commercial structure, are there specific requirements for numbering the outside?

All buildings shall bear or display at least one set of the street numbers assigned to it. Such numbers shall be Arabic in design and be a minimum of four (4) inches in height, or they may be in Script form of equal size and equally legible and visible, and mounted in a secure fashion to the building's front wall, or to a porch or fixed appurtenance. Street numbers should be illuminated at night and trees and shrubs shall not block said numbers. For more information, call (585) 248-6265.

We own a large lot can we subdivide?

The Town of Pittsford Planning Board is comprised of 7 volunteer residents appointed by the Town Board. The Planning Board is charged with review and approval of subdivision plans and site plans. Subdivision approval is required when someone wishes to subdivide a property into two or more parcels.

How does the town control growth; keep its rural charm?

The subdivision approval process is designed to provide for the orderly growth and coordinated development of the Town and is designed to safeguard the community and assure that the requirements and standards for land subdivision protect the public health, safety and welfare. Coordinated development is achieved through a technical plan review process by a development review committee which consists of some 13 Town, County and State agencies, neighboring communities and interested residents. The site plan approval process is similar except that it deals with the development of non-residential structures and/or additions. Review regulates location of buildings, parking lots, lights, landscaping and any other site improvements. For more information, call (585) 248-6260.

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Paul Schenkel
Paul Schenkel


Doug DeRue
Doug DeRue

Director of Planning, Zoning, & Development

Rob Fromberger, Town Engineer

Mike O'Leary,  Engineering Assistant

April Zurowski, Planning Assistant

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