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Project Updates from Supervisor Smith

Keeping Pittsford a welcoming and enjoyable place to live, raise a family, go to school, work, shop, and visit requires continual improvement – which has always been a cornerstone of my administration. While we are ardently committed to providing high quality services, exceptional programs and first rate amenities, we are as equally committed to ensuring these efforts are ever-improving.

We achieve this kind of improvement with close attention to the interests of Pittsford taxpayers. We seek your input and work on your behalf to provide the services and amenities you need. We work to keep costs down – through responsible budgeting, by taking advantage of our Triple-A credit rating, and by continuing to aggressively pursue grant funding when available, all to save taxpayers money. As you can see by the project list below, continuous improvement requires continuous effort!

As each of the projects below progress, we will provide updated status information in the Town eNews, on the Town website and on Town social media sites. Should you have any comments or questions, you may reach me directly by phone at 248-6220 or by email at My door is open and I answer my own phone. I’m always interested to know what matters most to you as a resident. Community members can direct as well questions or concerns regarding Town projects to Pittsford Commissioner of Public Works Paul Schenkel via email or by phone (585) 248-6250.

With the constructive input and advice from our residents, and an ongoing commitment to excellence by our staff, we'll move forward together on our path of continual improvement for the community we’re proud to call home.

Bill Smith, Pittsford Town Supervisor

As each of the projects below progress, the Town will provide updated status information in the Town eNews, on the Town website and on Town social media sites. Community members can direct any questions or concerns regarding Town projects to Pittsford Commissioner of Public Works Paul Schenkel email or phone (585) 248-6250.

Ongoing and Recently Completed Town Projects

2024 Town Road Work Schedule & Public Works Projects Upate

The Town of Pittsford maintains approximately 110 miles of roadways.  The varying weather brought on by the change of seasons takes a toll on our roads.  Routine maintenance is ongoing.  Click the following link to view our 2024 Public Works Projects Update presentation, which includes information on the roads scheduled for maintenance this year.

Community Garden

The Town of Pittsford Community Garden at Thornell Farm Park, created in 2017, has raised garden beds available for resident use; reservations are taken in the fall for use the following year.  For complete information, see our Pittsford Community Garden web page.

Copper Beech Tree Grafting Project

We marked Arbor Day 2021 by planting the first of the trees graphed from healthy portions of the iconic Copper Beech Tree on State Street. We bade farewell to the old Copper Beech three years ago, when disease made it too unstable to remain safely.  But before it came down, the Town collected healthy cuttings that have been cultivated in a nursery for the past few years. These are clones of the original Copper Beech! For more information visit our Copper Beech Tree info page.

Erie Canal Nature Preserve

Officially opened in the spring of 2021, the 20 acre Nature Preserve, located along the Erie Canalway Towpath Trail, encompasses natural wetlands, woodlands and meadows on the north side of the Erie Canal near the western Town-Village line. Together with the adjoining property owned by the Village, it is part of 30 contiguous acres of natural habitat that have now been permanently preserved.  To learn more, read our Erie Canal Nature Preserve grand opening story.

Patio at the Spiegel Community Center

Completed in May of 2021, this new patio, built from bluestone, has tables, chairs and a variety of plantings to make this a perfect spot for chatting with a friend, catching up on a book or just enjoying the outdoors. We’re so glad to share this space with community members. We are always looking to create new opportunities to connect with others in a healthy and relaxing setting.

Pittsford Dog Park

Opened in 2019, Pittsford’s first dog park features two off-leash areas, one each for large and small dogs. Dogs have access to play structures and water fountains and owners can relax on benches and use picnic tables under shade trees. The facility includes a dog wash station to hose off muddy paws and coats. The park is located on the Town's trail system. For more information and to learn how to register, read more about our Pittsford Dog Park here.

Sidewalk Projects

In order to make Pittsford an even more walkable community, we have increased funding for sidewalks. Our recently completed Joint Town and Village Active Transportation Plan has identified and prioritized sidewalk projects. These projects are in varying stages of planning and identifying funding sources; each will require full public review and input to allow them to move forward if the public and the affected neighborhoods support them. Just in the last few years, the Town has completed two major sidewalk projects: The Calkins-Tobey-Mendon Center “Safe Routes to School” Sidewalk and the East Avenue Sidewalk. For more information, visit our Town Sidewalks projects page.


The Town works continuously to expand its vast network of trails.  In 2020 we purchased a machine that allows us to maintain and create trails quicker and more efficiently.  Our trails provide connections between neighborhoods and to interesting destinations, quiet seclusion, and an enjoyable means to get some fresh air and exercise.  For more information visit our Pittsford Trails and Walkways page.

Grant Funded Projects

In commitment to continued fiscal responsibility, the Town of Pittsford regularly seeks out grant opportunities to fund Town projects, programs and initiatives. Click the link to see our most recent Grants Update.

Sustainability Projects

The Town of Pittsford has a long history of sustainable practices and a commitment to our environment. See our Sustainability timeline for details!

Pollinator Corridors

Consistent with our Comprehensive Plan and Pittsford’s dedication to sustainability, the Town has actively been identifying locations for pollinator corridors.

Renewable Electricity for Residents and Small Businesses

Community Choice Aggregation

CCA allows local governments to source energy on behalf of its residents by designating a default energy provider, with a goal of aggregating buying power to offer residents greener energy options, or cost savings, or both. The goal of the Town's program is to seek an electric power supplier that can provide residents electricity from 100% sustainable sources at a rate less than the RG&E rate. For details see our Community Choice Aggregation information page.

Community Solar

Community Solar represents the next step in Pittsford’s longstanding commitment to a healthy and sustainable environment. We’re pleased to be able to offer it to our residents and small businesses.  Learn more by visiting our Community Solar information page.

Miscellaneous Projects

There are always a variety of projects underway in the Town. Visit our Miscellaneous Projects page for details!

Planning for the Future

In planning for Pittsford's future, the Town follows a thorough public process.  Work by and input by staff, consultants and citizens' committees, and feedback from Pittsford citizens in public workshops, via email, phone calls and comments in public meetings all play a part in determining policies and decisions that affect the future of our community and gave shape to the final decisions made.  Below are some of the key initiatives that have shaped and will continue to shape Pittsford’s future.

Active Transportation Plan

A healthy and sustainable community is a principal goal for both the Town and Village administrations. The joint Town-Village Active Transportation Plan represents another step toward that goal. It’s about non-motorized ways of getting around. Its goals are to make Pittsford even more walkable and more conducive to bicycling, to improve and extend Town Trails and to improve safety for everyone on foot, or on a bike. For information and updates visit our Active Transportation web page.

Community Survey 2019

In 2019 the Town commissioned a town-wide survey of residents to understand thoughts about Town services and to identify what issues matter most to our residents. The results of the survey continue to help guide us as we prioritize Town initiatives and consider how our municipal services and policies should evolve in the future. Find complete information about the survey and its results on our 2019 Town Survey Results page.

Comprehensive Plan

The Town’s Comprehensive Plan Update was adopted on October 1, 2019.  Find information about it on our Town of Pittsford Comprehensive Plan information page.

Pittsford’s Greenprint

In 2021 we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pittsford's Greenprint - a legacy of preservation and sustainability.  The “Greenprint for the Future” was a plan enacted in 1996 to protect Pittsford’s farmland and ecological resources through the purchase of development rights by the Town. More than 2,000 acres of open space were purchased, preserving two-thirds of the remaining farmland in the Town at that time.  The plan was unique for its time and since has been hailed as a program that serves as a national model for community conservation.  To learn more, visit our Pittsford Greenprint 25 web page.

Town Zoning Update 2021

Municipal zoning codes influence the communities they serve in a variety of ways. Primarily, they dictate the types of land uses allowable and in which locations. They also inform the design of buildings and landscapes and outline property maintenance expectations. Municipal zoning codes are shaped over time based on the land use recommendations in local community planning initiatives and feedback from the community.

Our Zoning Code Update is underway.  We encourage all Town of Pittsford stakeholders (residents, business and property owners, community leaders, and taxpayers) to participate in the update.  Substantial input and feedback from a broad range of our community members is essential to ensure the updated Zoning Code reflects the community’s development preferences and future vision! Read our Zoning Code comments and ideas information to learn how you can share your input.  See our Zoning Update website for complete information about Pittsford’s Zoning Update.

Previously Completed Major Projects

Spiegel Pittsford Community Center Upgrade, Redesign & Expansion Project

We cut the ribbon on our expanded and completely renovated Paul M. Spiegel Pittsford Community Center on August 25, 2018.  Improvements included a spacious new lobby with street level access and a beautiful new home for our seniors programs. The complete interior renovation provided state-of-the-art amenities and updated infrastructure while preserving the building’s historic character. For background on the project, visit the Community Center Project page.

Community Athletic Fields Improvement Project

To address overuse and increased demand, needed offline time for field regeneration, grading/drainage issues, and access for all abilities, the Town completed a Community Athletic Fields Improvement Project in 2018.  The project consisted of improvements to the athletic fields and facilities, playgrounds and other related facilities located at the Town’s Hopkins Park, Great Embankment Park, and Thornell Farm Park, and the construction of new athletic fields at Farm View Park located on Willard Road. Pittsford residents voted to approve $6 million in bond financing for the project, which financed the major portion of the $6.3 million project cost.  For further details, visit the Athletic Fields Project background page.